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Great bundle

I’ve bought this bundle to combine it with my textgrammar and it is great. The grammar section is really clear and well made, and the kanji and reading parts are excellent as well as all the audio files!

Thank you! I'm glad to hear it is helping. Let us know if you have any questions.

Good quality

My only complaint is that it smelled bad in the package, like vinegar almost? But it’s very strong and off putting. It’s not a big problem, I was gonna toss it into the wash either way, and otherwise the shirt is good quality and the printing on the front doesn’t look like it would peel off or anything, so I’m satisfied!

Sorry for the smell! Hopefully, it will go away with a wash.


So many font sizes...and the Japanese font was tiny. I couldn't read them.

Sorry for the trouble!

What device are you using it on and what format (ePub or MOBI) are you using? Also, which book did you have the most trouble with?

The PDF should look the best, but the ePub and MOBI files should work. If not, we can get that fixed for you.

Easy to read and understanding.

If you already learn hiragana & katakana and want to go further I recommend this bundle.

Super way to learn Japanese

Reading, vocab, and oral comprehension built into one. And, you address Kanji head on. Wish I had a similar resource when starting Chinese and Korean. Would have saved oodles of time and frustration. teaches real, contemporary Japanese., too. Could not be more satisfied. Five Stars.

Thank you! I'm glad it is helping.

Love it

This is the kind of humor that Americans love but my Japanese friends require some explanation. On the other hand everyone can relate to computer glitches which makes the t-shirt universal. People can figure it out even if they are not up on kanji.

Glad you like it! Sorry for the trouble with your latest order, but we'll get the other shirt to you ASAP.

Love it!

I look forward to wearing the shirt to my local sushi place.


Hi Clay and Yumi - just wanted to write here that I really like the Mike's diary stories (and the other bite sized stories too). They are perfect for my level and allow you to experience success quickly. They are interesting too. Thank you! I strongly recommend this bundle for anyone, especially at a beginner / upper beginner level. Fantastic.

That's great to hear! I will work on more beginner-level stories soon.

Quick envoice

Nice T-shirt. I received the T-shirt three days after shopping it and surprisingly without customs payment.

That's great! I'm glad you like it. I'm especially glad to hear there wasn't a customs charge.

Great bundle

Great bundle ! It will really help me a lot with the JLPT next month but I am sad because we don’t have an ebook with the grammar, it could really help. Another one with reading comprehension and listening exercises will really be appreciate !

Sorry for being slow! We are working on the grammar. That should be ready within a few weeks, but I don't know if it would in time to help--sorry!

Ideal for the step-up from N5

Already a great help and, I'm sure, the future addition(s) to the package will round it off well

Thanks! More coming soon. We are working on the grammar. Then, we'll add the others soon after.

Easy to follow and understand

This bundle is perfect for absolute beginners. It's thorough without being wordy, giving you exactly enough information to understand the concepts without overloading you with information. That way you can dip your toes in the language without getting overwhelmed. Plus Frank and the Obasaan is such a cute and clever reader and it makes me smile. I love it. I've learned so much already.

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it and that it helped you. I'm also thrilled you like Frank. We will have to write another 'season' of his adventures. :)


I decided to pick these up now that I'm about a third of the way through the wanikani levels and I can't recommend these enough for practice with reading! I've only gotten through a couple of stories so far, but I've already learned so much!

I'm really glad to hear the books are helping you. If you have any questions as you go through, please let me know!

Mangajin 59


Shadowing is tricky!

As a self learner, I got this to help me improve my Japanese listening and speaking. The book and CD have you start at an N5 level and gradually (over a year or two) can get you to N2 level. I think there are over a thousand recorded phrases. Plenty to keep you busy for a while.

However, shadowing is trickier than you might think! It kind of explains it in the book, but I had to watch a few videos on language shadowing to really get it. You see, with shadowing you should start repeating the phrase or sentence IMMEDIATELY after it is started. You don’t wait for the speaker to finish their sentences. You’re supposed to talk over them similar to how a child would annoyingly copycat whatever someone else would be saying. There are 4 levels of shadowing: silent shadowing (in your head), whispering, prosody, and contents shadowing. The authors recommend you spend about ten minutes a day for a week on each section. Those ten minutes are actually pretty intense since the voice actors speak at a very fast pace (to my ears). However difficult it can be, eventually you’ll start snapping off some tricky phrases and feeling good about yourself. The repetition can really get Japanese phrases, accent, and cadence seared into your brain.

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Matteo Girolami
Una raccolta conveniente!

Ho iniziato da poco a studiare il giapponese, destinato a diventare la mia terza lingua dopo Italiano ed Inglese. Si tratta di una lingua completamente diversa, molto più semplice sotto alcuni aspetti e molto più complessa sotto altri. Trovo che Makoto+ sia un'ottima rivista per approfondire sia i contenuti linguistici che gli aspetti culturali del Giappone. Consiglio sicuramente questa raccolta

Really good books

The books make my Japanese learning experience really enjoyable and easy

Awesome! Let us know if you have any questions as you go through the material.

Amazing Book for Beginners

If you are a beginner who has mastered hiragana and wanted supplementary materials to improve reading comprehension, you can get ahead by reading these series of books. There are four fun folklore stories that give you a good glimpse of the Japanese culture.
The authors chunk the texts into bite-sized pieces and provide clear explanations on some challenging words and expressions in the text at the bottom of the page. Furigana is written on top of the kanji which makes reading fluid. Some of the words in the text are repetitive which reinforces learning and add to your repository of vocab. Subsequently, the chunked texts are put together as a whole and you read the whole text on its own. I like this progressive method of reading as it gives me time to digest the new words, kanji and expressions. The free audio included is definitely a bonus! Listening to it while reading makes me remember the words better.
Many thanks for this wonderful resource!

Thank you! I'm thrilled to hear you like the format. We'll keep adding to these folktale readers.

Concise Explanation and Good Examples Given

Thank you for this wonderful bundle. This resource is extremely useful for those who would like to revise or review their JLPT N5 materials. The explanations given are simple and concise. There are many examples given to illustrate the grammar points. For absolute beginners starting out in JLPT N5, I suggest that you study from a textbook or language teacher to gain a good understanding of the grammar items before using these materials. I really like the Reading Section as the key vocabulary aids in a deeper comprehension of the text. The audio files are useful for us to check the pronunciation and at the same time improve one's listening skills.

Thank you for the detailed review! I'm glad it helped.

As usual, the content is of great quality

I use to buy Japanese learning material from Yumi & Clay and all I can say is that they create all the content with care, love, and dedication. This bundle is not the exception, a lot of content of great quality.

Thank you!

Good resource

It's a great material for learning Japanese as you can have a native audio for individual words and sentences. But it would be much better if there is a accompanied anki deck like the N5 bundle.

Great idea! I'm working on adding Anki decks as I go back and revise books. I'll get to it eventually!

Excellent value!

A lot of great information, well laid out, and it really helped me to prepare for the n5!

I'm thrilled to hear it helped! Thank you so much.

Really really good

I have been with The Japanese Page and The Japan Shop for a little over a year, and the products and customer service are always excellent. I got this because there are so many ways of saying the same thing, and you find something new every time. It's easy to follow, Yumi's voice is soft and clear. It is also good for reviewing and keeping things you know fresh in mind. You always get way more for what you pay.
Thanks for the hard work!!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it and thank you for your kind words :)

Great Stories, Great Learning

Lots of good content explained in a way that makes it easy to assimilate. What I love about Clay and Yumi is they include free updates. That is a very generous extra.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it. More extras coming soon! :)

Colección de Libros Japoneses Volumen 1-10 [En español | SPANISH EDITION | DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]
Manuela López
Me encanta

Me encantan los cuentos, aunque estoy empezando poco a poco gracias a los audios y la lectura espero ir progresando. Me gustaría que hubiera más contenido en español, pues el inglés también lo estoy volviendo a retomar despues de muchos años (tengo 51 años), y me cuesta un poco cuando todo esta en inglés.

Un saludo, y muchas gracias!!