Learn Japanese with Stories Bundle #2 [9 Volumes] [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

$ 16.00 $ 44.91 -65% OFF

Learn Japanese with Stories Bundle #2 [9 Volumes] [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

$ 16.00 $ 44.91 -65% OFF

NOTE: Learn Japanese with Stories Bundle #2 is On Sale! It is a self-paced learning Japanese study guide. For just one-time payment only, you will get this bundle for a very low price. We will increase its price when we add more content to it. But if you get this now, future content will be FREE FOREVER.


  • Kicchomu and the Fire - Kicchomu's attempt to heed sage advice during a village crisis yields unexpected and comical results.
  • Kicchomu's Horse - His cunning ruse involving a seemingly magical horse leaves the wealthy headman utterly speechless. 
  • More coming (no extra cost to you!)

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This bundle currently has 9 full-length volumes. As with the first Learn Japanese with Stories bundle, the plan is to fill this bundle with ten eBooks. 

Purchase the bundle now before the price increase and get future updates for no additional charge!

This is a bundle of eBooks in digital format. Download instantly and begin improving your Japanese reading skills (PDFs), listening abilities (sound files - slow and normal speed), and vocabulary (Anki flashcard decks). Most of the stories have Anki flashcard decks to quickly learn vocabulary (we'll add decks to all books soon). An amazing value!




This bundle is recommended for upper beginners to intermediate students of Japanese. If you are just starting out, no problem! We have a bundle just for you. Click here to learn about our Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha Beginner's Bundle.

 Each volume sells on Amazon and elsewhere for $4.99. That's a $44.91 value currently -- but remember, you will get lifetime updates including new eBooks in the series and supplementary material.



  • Kachi Kachi Yama - A raccoon rascal is taught a lesson
  • The Tenjo - A folk story about celestial maidens who come down with feathered robes.
  • Princess Uriko - a Cinderella story about a girl born of a melon
  • Hikoichi and the Kitsune Story 1 and 2
  • Kicchomu and the Falling Star - Can you sweep a star from the sky with a broom? Well, Kicchomu can.
  • Kicchomu Selling Crows - Kicchomu finds a somewhat tricky way to sell his unwanted wares
  • Hikoichi, Sitting in the Middle of Eight - The lord tests Hikoichi with a difficult problem [Includes free Anki flashcard deck for vocabulary]
  • Hikoichi, Fishing for Kappa - What is Hikoichi up to now? Why, he's fishing for a Kappa [Includes free Anki flashcard deck for vocabulary] [Includes free Anki flashcard deck of vocabulary]
  • Bowl-wearing Princess - Her mother commanded her to wear a bowl upon her head. It brought her shame and embarrassment, but can it also bring her true love? [Includes free Anki flashcard deck of vocabulary]
  • The Wisdom of Oooka Echizen - This story is reminiscent of Solomon the Wise. [Includes free Anki flashcard deck of vocabulary]
  • Kicchomu's Mouse Carving - Kicchomu shows his skill exceeds that of a master carver. Well, maybe not skill; more like cunning. 
  • Kicchomu's Ferryboat - A troublesome samurai gets outsmarted by Kicchomu
  • Kicchomu's Big Rock - Kicchomu has a big rock in his field. How does he get rid of it without lifting a finger?
  • Kicchomu and the Rice Cake Shop Owner - Someone tricked Kicchomu into selling his horse. Read how he gets it back 
  • Kicchomu and the Fire - Kicchomu's attempt to heed sage advice during a village crisis yields unexpected and comical results. [NEW]
  • Kicchomu's Horse - His cunning ruse involving a seemingly magical horse leaves the wealthy headman utterly speechless. [NEW]
  • More coming (no extra cost to you!)




  • Each story includes two sound files. One read slowly and one read at normal speed
  • NEW! Now our eBooks include a QR code so you can scan to instantly hear the sound file streamed to you on demand!
  • An easy and fun introduction to Japanese folklore, tales, and stories—these are the classic stories every single Japanese person knows and loves, but few Westerners have even heard about!
  • Read the most famous and interesting Japanese tales in real Japanese! Yes, as long as you have learned hiragana, you can read real Japanese today with these fully annotated stories. (Don’t know hiragana yet?! No problem. See our Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha digital bundle here.)
  • Every single line and every word are explained and defined.
  • Designed specifically for upper beginners to intermediates.
  • Build your Japanese vocabulary, understand new grammatical patterns, improve your reading skills, and hone in your listening abilities
  • Traditional stories with a running gloss, each with two MP3s recorded by a native Japanese voice actress. Print out the PDFs and drop the MP3s on your phone for on the go studying.
  • Anki decks - Most books (will eventually be all) include Anki flashcard decks to help you learn the vocabulary found in the stories. These decks are included free of charge.

  • Over the years, thousands of people have enjoyed these stories sold individually for $4.99 or more each. Now, for the first time, you can get them all together for a single low price!

Perfect for the beginner to intermediate student of Japanese.


Reminder: This is the digital versions of the books. There will be NO shipping charges since... nothing will be shipped :)

Please note: you will receive a Dropbox link which can be accessed from any device (phone, tablet, or computer) instantly. If you are on a computer, you can download it all by clicking on the Download button at the top right.

If you have ANY trouble with the download, just reply to the email you receive or message us through Contact Us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pascal LAM (Frameries, BE)
Funny, motivating and interesting.

As funny, motivating and interesting as the 1st one!
Great job!...

Thank you! We'll add more to this bundle soon.

Jerry S. (DeWitt, US)
Did you know...

That this bundle is just as good as bundle 1?
Well, now you do because I just told you.
If you like to bundle 1 then you should try out bundle 2.
Don be a slacker like me!
Keep pumping that brain with learning Iron to get all those GAINZZZ!

Haha--great review. :) Thank you and let us know if you have any questions as you go through it. More eBooks will be added to this bundle soon.

Jim Foster (Fuquay-Varina, US)
Stories Bundle 2 First Four Titles

I am a retired upper beginner hoping to advance to intermediate eventually but not beyond that. I do not study full time but do it more as a hobby. For the last two years I have really focused on learning 2200 Kanji including all the Joyo Kanji, more so than studying vocabulary, grammar, audio and reading. I have studied them everyday without fail. Because I now have such a good foundation with the Kanji it is more enjoyable to study the other aspects of the language found in these files, even the reviews of the Kanji.

I really appreciate how all of these bundles including the newly released Stories Bundle 2 help me learn. Every aspect of the learning process is provided right in these text and sound files. I typically study at my computer with the pdf and sound files.

These tools really are useful!

Thank you! I had a similar experience. The more kanji I learned, the more interesting other aspects of Japanese became.

BTW, I'm not sure why '2200 Kanji' was bleeped out ([****]). Sorry about that.