Learn Japanese with Yokai! BUNDLE [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

$ 12.00 $ 22.45 -47% OFF

Learn Japanese with Yokai! BUNDLE [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

$ 12.00 $ 22.45 -47% OFF


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Kappa! Tengu! Oni! and more coming soon...

Living in shadows and the in between worlds of dreams and reality, yokai thrive in Japanese imagination. Yokai are monsters, ghosts, unnatural beings, and even sentient household items. Yokai can be harmless and amusing, or they can be terrifying.

Currently, this bundle includes:

  1. The Kappa 
  2. Tengu
  3. Oni 
  4. The Fox and Tanuki
  5. Japanese Mermaids

Best of all, as we add more to this series, you will be able to get free updates. Buy now while the price is low!

We do not recommend this bundle for true beginners. If you are just starting out, please consider our beginner's bundle here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Love the materials. Most other books/stories are still hard for me to understand, but these are great !

Thank you! I'm glad to hear the stories are good for you. :)

Great reading material!

Most other reading material is still too difficult for me. I can read it, but I have to check words I don't know too often. With these stories I only have to check 1-2 words per line, making reading far more fluent while still keeping it productive. And, when I do need to check a word, I have it on the same page with a detailed explanation! It's perfect!

Also, the only reading material for Japanese learners I found that works well on e-readers.

Sha-Lyn Boo

Love the stories!

Very Cute

This book set has very adorable art and easy to understand explanations. They provide an easy medium to get familiar with kanji and improve reading speeds with the added benefit of learning some cool mythology. I printed copies to write the furigana on new kanji introduced and make other notes as I read.

Good but...

The stories are great! The definitions and grammar explanations are helpful and the audio at two speeds is also nice to have.
I've only made it through the kitsune tales so far, and my only complaint is that, as with the folk tales bundle, there is no consistency with kanji/hiragana within a story, which is frustrating. For example, in the nine-tailed fox story, on page 28 we learn にばけ can mean to shapeshift into. OK, great, just learned a new word. But then on the next page, it's written に化け, forcing me to stop and look up the kanji (because there's no furigana) only to find that it was a word I just learned on the previous page, but in hiragana. Likewise, いう and 言う seem to get used interchangeably - not a big deal, since it's a common kanji, but then...it's a simple, common kanji and the more exposure you get to kanji the more proficient you become, so why would it ever get written in hiragana in these texts? For the less-proficient in Japanese (which is the level this is aimed at) it's jarring to switch back and forth and have to guess/look up if they actually both mean the same thing - otherwise why is one written in kanji and the other in hiragana? I'm entirely willing to admit there might be some sort of subtlety of Japanese I'm missing and there is an actual reason, but in comparison to, for example, my textbooks, yes, a new word might originally be presented in hiragana, but once its kanji gets introduced, there's no more switching back and forth. The lack of consistency makes the whole story feel like it lacked a final editing and as this is an easy fix, I'm hoping it will be fixed in the future. Despite these issues, yes, I'd buy the bundle again, because as an adult independent learner, it's far more fun to learn Japanese by reading about Japanese culture than about メアリーさん's experiences as an exchange student in Genki. :)