JLPT N4 BUNDLE Japanese Kanji, Kanji Practice Pad, & Vocabulary [FOR UPPER BEGINNERS | DIGITAL EBOOK BUNDLE]

$ 12.00 $ 14.97 -20% OFF

JLPT N4 BUNDLE Japanese Kanji, Kanji Practice Pad, & Vocabulary [FOR UPPER BEGINNERS | DIGITAL EBOOK BUNDLE]

$ 12.00 $ 14.97 -20% OFF

New book on Grammar coming soon! 

Buy this bundle now and get the new book for no extra charge as soon as it is released. We'll email you when it is ready.


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What is the JLPT?

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a yearly (held twice a year in some countries) test for students of Japanese. It is a popular way to understand your Japanese abilities. You do not need to take the test to use the material in this bundle. N4 level is suitable for any upper beginner (whether you will take the test or not) who has learned hiragana and very basic grammar.

Who is this for?

For upper beginners of the Japanese language and those wanting to take level N4 of the JLPT. 

What does it include?

This THREE-eBook bundle includes all you need to pass the Vocabulary and Kanji sections of the JLPT N4 test. The grammar, reading, and listening books are coming soon (You'll get these free with purchase). You also get ALL MP3s, PDFs, ePub, and Kindle Mobi files with this purchase.

Note: This is not for the paperbacks, but you will get the exact same content in digital format.



Included at no extra charge are 1,200 MP3s of each Vocabulary and Example Sentence. The download link is found on the last page.

In addition to the individual sound files, we also created "chapter" sound files for you to listen to whenever and wherever.

Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N4 covers all the vocabulary needed to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N4.


  • 177 pages (PDF)
  • Over 1,200 MP3s
  • MP3s both with individual vocabulary words and example sentences
  • Bonus Chapter MP3s listening in order
  • Chapter MP3s include the vocabulary word, each example sentence, and then the English translation [Designed to be listened to with or without the eBook]
  • Includes PDF, ePub, and MOBI Kindle eBook formats
  • Each kanji has furigana (small hiragana over the kanji)



Whether you are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or just would like a solid start on learning kanji, this book will teach you the most useful kanji in an easy-to-understand way. 

This book picks up where JLPT N5 leaves off and covers 178 kanji.

Learn the most common readings, useful example jukugo (kanji combinations), and understand usage with an example sentence for each kanji.  Best of all, download the 534 sound files from our server and listen while you learn.  The sound files include the readings, examples, and an example sentence. 

  • 367 pages (PDF)
  • 178 essential kanji as found on the JLPT N4 test
  • FREE MP3s of all the readings and examples found in the book
  • Mnemonic and helpful comments throughout
  • Every kanji has its correct stroke order shown
  • Each kanji has multiple examples and an example sentence showing usage

We are now also including a PDF for kanji writing practice. Print any kanji lesson you need for extra writing practice.


More coming soon! Remember, buy this bundle now and get future updates free of charge as they are released. 


ありがとうございます--and here's to your Japanese!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good resource

It's a great material for learning Japanese as you can have a native audio for individual words and sentences. But it would be much better if there is a accompanied anki deck like the N5 bundle.

Great idea! I'm working on adding Anki decks as I go back and revise books. I'll get to it eventually!

Anthony Ethridge
Awesome resources

A great way to learn Kanji. Plenty of reinforcement with writing and examples of usage. Really helps to make sense of Kanji.

Jim Foster
Great Stuff

I have studied N5 Kanji daily for almost two years now. I recognize them all but can properly remember more than half and have a good stab at the rest.

I came across the Japan Shop from their very beginning and over the many years I have kept engaged with their teaching aids. I own almost all of their bundles and find them very useful in my studies. Almost all of their products have native speaker sound files for vocabulary words and sentences.

Clay and Yumi almost seem like family by now!

Thank you, Jim! What a nice review. We really appreciate you and... welcome to the fam!