Learn Japanese through Dialogues (6 ebook bundle)

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NEW BOOK: Dialogues #6: Business Japanese

Get all SIX Japanese Dialogues study packs for one low price. Separately, these five eBooks (also includes MP3s as well as Kindle, ePub, and PDF versions) would cost $26.94 at Amazon. Get all six here for a major discount! 

    Finally, a fun and easy way to learn REAL conversational Japanese!

    We are including at no extra charge, (CD quality) MP3s for all the dialogues found in this ebook. Create play-lists to study on the go or burn the sound files to a CD to listen at home.

    Each ebook also contains the dialogue with the English translation, but it also adds cultural or grammatical notes to help you understand the dialogue in context.


    This bundle of eBooks includes:

    • Beginning Conversations
    • Meeting & Greetings
    • At the Restaurant
    • Directions
    • With Friends
    • Business Japanese
    Each eBook has three different formats depending on the device you use.

    The formats are:


    • PDF (best for larger screens like computers, laptops, and tablets)
    • Kindle MOBI (best for Kindles and Kindle apps on mobile devices)
    • ePub (best for all other ebook readers on mobile devices.
    • Each book also contains MP3 sound files of the Japanese.
    • PLUS: Get FREE updates for life. When we add new books to this series, you'll get that too. Of course, as we add more books, the price will also go up!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews

      I've bought the bundle and it is really impressive, each word or expression is well-explained, they are easy to understand. Besides the quality of the content, I want to highlight that they provide different ebook formats, such as mobi, epub and pdf, so you can read the ebooks on mobile or on desktop, which is helpful. The audios are excellent and clear.

      Great Format

      I like how each of the dialogues is broken down line by line. The price is excellent, and I received my order immediately via email.

      Well balanced.

      Plenty of useful everyday dialogue with some more advanced but still useful words mixed. The audio is not too fast and good quality. The grammer is varied and the grammer explanations are detailed but not too lengthy.


      Great value and can be downloaded instantly!

      Everyday dialogues you can use as a beginner or intermediate, and somewhat as a good filler for your immersion in the language.

      Japanese Dialogues Value Bundle [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

      Good value for money. Instant download available and free download when there is updated modules.
      Useful dialogues for beginner to intermediate learning. I like how the explanation is simple and easy to follow. I like there is always little hiragana written for all the kanji, to improve reading and recognising the kanji.
      Once I completed the dialogues Bundle, it is likely I will go for other bundle. It is so much fun learning Japanese this way in my own pace.