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Introducing our Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha Beginner's Bundle! If you are just starting out (you haven't yet learned hiragana, for example), I would recommend this bundle.
Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha is more sequential and has a suggested path for studying and specifically designed for a total beginner of learning Japanese language.
This beginner's bundle includes over a dozen eBooks on Japanese grammar, reading, conversation, and understanding the basics of Japanese. These aren't just simple PDFs either. Every eBook includes PDFs, ePubs, and Kindle MOBI files. AND best of all, every Japanese example or story has a sound file recorded by a native Japanese speaker. Even better, the stories (graded for beginners) include a slowed-down version as well as a normal-speed version of each story.
These lessons are based on N5, so you will learn how to read and write Katakana, Hiragana, and basic Kanji. You will also learn to speak Japanese and understand practical expressions and study culture, traditions, and arts.
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*** About CLAY & YUMI (the author)***

Yumi was a popular radio DJ in Japan for over ten years. She has extensive training in standard Japanese pronunciation which makes her perfect for creating these language instructional audio files and videos, while Clay has been a passionate learner of Japanese for over twenty years and they both incredibly helping thousands of people learn Japanese in various ways for so many years now and counting...