Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha for Absolute Beginners of Japanese [Digital Download]

$ 20.00 $ 64.87 -70% OFF

Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha for Absolute Beginners of Japanese [Digital Download]

$ 20.00 $ 64.87 -70% OFF


We just added SIX new stories to the Yonde Miyo~ section of Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha. That gets us up to 41 stories--AND THAT'S JUST ONE SECTION (in this bundle). If you've bought this bundle, please download the new PDF or ePub and sound files in the Dropbox link you received when you purchased the bundle--or email us if you have trouble finding that link. We are also emailing past customers with this update 😉🥰

NOTE: This 13-book self-paced learning Japanese study guide (+ Worksheets) is ON SALE + FREE Lifetime updates! For just ONE-TIME PAYMENT ONLY, you will get this bundle for a very low price. We will increase its price when we add more content to it. But if you get this now, future content will be FREE FOREVER.

Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha is more sequential and has a suggested path for studying and specifically designed for a total beginner of learning Japanese language.

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A Digital Toolkit for (very) Beginners of Japanese with MP3 Sound Files of all the Japanese


Total beginners and "eternal" beginners. Are you struggling with hiragana? Know all the kana but need to improve your reading comprehension? Our Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha beginner's bundle of digital books and resources will not only help you with those but also Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji, and listening comprehension.

If you have never studied a lick of Japanese, this is for you. If you feel like you are an "eternal beginner," this is for you. If you are studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5, this bundle is also for you.

Japanese reading practice for beginners

In addition to foundational topics, Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha also contains dozens of short stories to practice reading hiragana and even simple kanji.


Get 13 eBooks and resource packs for one low price and all with sound files.  Pay once and get lifetime updates including updates and supplementary material.



  1. Introduction to Japanese [Exclusive to this bundle]
  2. Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese *
  3. Hiragana Worksheets [Exclusive to this bundle]
  4. Katakana, the Basics of Japanese
  5. 100 Grammar Points
  6. 100 Essential Kanji 
  7. Inazuma 1: About Japanese Pronouns
  8. Frank & the Obaasan Volume 1 [a beginning reader]
  9. Frank & the Obaasan Volume 2 [a beginning reader] 
  10. 101 Japanese Set Phrases & Power Words [Now includes Anki flashcard deck]
  11. Hiragana Readers Yondemiyo hiragana and N5 kanji readers [35 are available now--many more to come soon!] NEW!
  12. Makoto #1*
  13. Makoto #19*
  14. Japanese Sentences: Beginning Phrases

     * All of the above are exclusive to this bundle except the two Makoto issues (which are also found in the Makoto value bundles Volume 1 and Volume 4) and The Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese book (which is also in our Japanese Reader Collection Bundle). The Frank and the Obaasan series is also found in its own bundle, but this bundle is the best value overall. All other titles and worksheets are only found in this bundle.


    All titles include sound files!


    For beginners of Japanese--even (especially) those just starting out


    Once you learn hiragana, next comes practice, and this bundle includes tons of fun practice. We call these stories "Yonde Miyou" which means "try to read" or "let's read."

    Each story or essay is short and interesting. No Dick and Jane or boring fluff. Read about common (and funny) mistakes foreigners make in Japan or Japanese. Learn about unusual aspects of Japanese culture.

    Each story is presented three times. Once in hiragana only with spaces. Once in full Japanese but with furigana over every kanji. And lastly, the story is presented again without furigana. Oh, and every word and grammatical pattern is defined and explained.

     There are over two dozen of these stories. And that's just one section of Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha!



    The name is a play on two English words plus the Japanese word for “beginner”. ベリー beri- sounds like “very” and “berry” and 初心者 shoshinsha means “beginner” in Japanese (see the breakdown of that word below). 

    So, ベリーベリー初心者  (beri- beri- shoshinsha)  can mean “very very beginners” or “berry berry beginners.” The name isn’t particularly meaningful, but it is cute and we like it. :)


    Buy this bundle now, Pay once and get lifetime updates including future contents and supplementary material.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 113 reviews
    Beatrice (Milan, IT)
    I love them!

    I am a beginner and I really need something to read and I love these books!

    Thanks for the review! We're so glad you love our books and find them helpful.

    Phil Armitage (Ludlow, GB)
    Absolute beginner

    Started last week and using the methods detailed in the first section I have already memorised 27 hiragana letters. The coure so far at this early stage seems to be working well.

    Awesome progress! Keep at it. Progress will slow down--so think of ways to keep motivation up, but a great start. If you have any questions, please email me any time.

    John Puckett (Klamath Falls, US)
    Very Beri

    This is a great bundle! Very useful for a very beri beginner. Two thumbs up!

    Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you found the bundle useful.

    D.B. (Phoenix, US)
    Good but with Issues

    This will be an evolving review as I've just purchased the product. I've only started on the Kana book. This review starts with the Anki flash cards. I like how they're laid out. The combination of knowledge tested work well for me. My only issue -- and the reason for me writing anything at this point -- is that the deck does not work well with AnkiMobile which is my preferred way to do flash cards. Many of the cards are missing the audio file or kana image. I am pointing at the anki deck because other decks with digital embedded in them function fine on the iOS app.

    Thank you for your feedback! I'll take a look at the kana Anki deck tomorrow. It was one of the first Anki decks we made so it may have some issues. Hopefully, we can make it more useful for you! I'll get back to you soon.

    Allie (Ashburn, US)
    Easy to follow and understand

    This bundle is perfect for absolute beginners. It's thorough without being wordy, giving you exactly enough information to understand the concepts without overloading you with information. That way you can dip your toes in the language without getting overwhelmed. Plus Frank and the Obasaan is such a cute and clever reader and it makes me smile. I love it. I've learned so much already.

    Awesome! I'm glad you liked it and that it helped you. I'm also thrilled you like Frank. We will have to write another 'season' of his adventures. :)