Beginning Japanese Phrases and Stories for Beginners [Digital Download]

$ 9.99 $ 19.80 -50% OFF

Beginning Japanese Phrases and Stories for Beginners [Digital Download]

$ 9.99 $ 19.80 -50% OFF

NOTE: This 4-book Beginning Japanese Phrases bundle is ON SALE + FREE Lifetime updates! This bundle is a self-paced learning Japanese study guide. For a limited time, you will get this bundle for a very low price. We will increase its price when we add more content to it. But if you get this now, future content will be FREE FOREVER.

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If you are a beginner looking for useful material to read, this is for you.


Beginners who have learned hiragana.
The level of this bundle is somewhere between our (total beginner-level) Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha and our more advance readers such as Learn Japanese with Stories.


We are launching this new bundle with only a few books, but it will eventually have ten volumes.  Pay once and get lifetime updates including updates and supplementary material.



  1. Learn Japanese with Stories: Mike's Diary
  2. Beginning Japanese Phrases Book 1: Podcast episodes 1-30
  3. Beginning Japanese Phrases Book 2: Podcast episodes 31-60
  4. Beginning Japanese Phrases Book 2: Podcast episodes 61-90

    All titles include sound files!



    Learn Japanese with Stories: Mike's Diary

    If you have learned hiragana and you understand (very) basic Japanese sentence structure, you are ready for this series.

    Instead of learning isolated vocabulary (no fun!), reading real Japanese is a great way to learn vocabulary and kanji in context. For the beginner, however, native reading material is too much of a challenge. Our Learn Japanese with Stories for Beginners series enables even beginners to truly enjoy reading natural Japanese.

    The early stories use basic vocabulary, beginner-level grammar, and simplified Japanese sentence structures. As you progress, earlier concepts build into more complex grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structures.

    Each story is presented in several ways.
    1. The story with spaces and complete vocabulary and explanation
    2. The story in full Japanese (without spaces, but with furigana—the small hiragana—over kanji)
    3. The story in English to cement understanding

    This is followed by five important kanji found in the story. There are only five kanji here, so spend some time familiarizing yourself with them.


    Beginning Japanese Phrases Book 1 - 3

    This series is based on a weekly podcast we produce called (unimaginatively) Beginning Japanese Phrases. See here:

    As we do in the podcast, we'll introduce one useful Japanese word, phrase, or grammatical function. Then we'll breakdown an example sentence using that word within a common context.

    Each example sentence will include a literal and more natural translation as well as all the vocabulary and grammar defined and explained.

    We are including ro-maji at the end, but we highly recommend avoiding that and work through the Japanese instead.


    Buy this bundle now and get ALL future volumes in this series FREE


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Djenane (League City, US)

    Finally, I have all the beginner bundles!!! I listen to the podcast during my daily walks. This will make it a lot easier to study the sentences and kanji. And I'm sure it will be as awesome as the other ones.

    Josh (Brisbane, AU)

    Hi Clay and Yumi - just wanted to write here that I really like the Mike's diary stories (and the other bite sized stories too). They are perfect for my level and allow you to experience success quickly. They are interesting too. Thank you! I strongly recommend this bundle for anyone, especially at a beginner / upper beginner level. Fantastic.

    That's great to hear! I will work on more beginner-level stories soon.

    B.Ł. (Szczecin, PL)
    Really good books

    The books make my Japanese learning experience really enjoyable and easy

    Awesome! Let us know if you have any questions as you go through the material.