TEPRA Lite, LR5E English Edition Washi Tape Label Printer

$ 65.00
  • Different usage, in many situations. Scrapbooking, Decorating gifts, Labeling files, etc...
  • Two types of tapes: 6 Plain colored "TEPRA Lite" tape, and varieties of designed Washi tape "coharu" tape*ONLY able to print on these specific tape
  • LR5E: English Edition, locally available. No additional ink needed: Thermal printing
  • Built in choices: 2 way printing (horiznal & vertical), 49 frames, 697 symbols and icons, 4 text size, 7 fonts
  • Power source: 4 AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately) Perfect for gift

It is also great as a gift! Choose the colors and designs that you like and let's start printing!

TEPRA Lite tape, coharu tape, and coharu film tape are made of thermal paper. The following actions may cause the printed content to fade or damage the surface of the tape: Exposing it to direct sunlight or strong light sources, leaving it in high temperatures or high humidity environments, rubbing it with hard objects or against a different surface, or touching it with lotioned hands