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Mangajin 34

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PLEASE NOTE: Mangajin ceased publication in 1998. These back issues may be new or used, but they will not be pristine. A few are still in sealed bags (for mailing), but even those are unlikely to be pristine due to shelf-wear and the amount of time passed. Please consider these as learning tools to be used rather than for collecting. That being said, if condition is important to you, please contact us with specific issues and we'll send you photos of the actual items.


Mangajin was a wonderful magazine for learners of Japanese. Each issue somehow had something for every level, but we recommend them most for upper beginners. 

Those interested in translation will love how Mangajin breaks down the manga it presents, explaining grammar, vocabulary, and cultural references with ease.

The cover image above is for this particular issue. The sample pages inside may or may not be from this exact issue. See below for a table of contents (retrieved from http://www.nyx.net/~cbrown/mangajin/mangajin_toc.html)

  • Pachinko
    Japan's National Pastime
FEATURES 特集 tokushu
7 Political Cartoon
Clinton finds dealing with Japan like playing an arcade game.
10 Pachinko, Japan's National Pastime
Pachinko ("Japanese Pinball") generates more revenue than golf, horse racing, video games and movies combined, equaling (some say surpassing) Japan's auto industry. What's the appeal?


DEPARTMENTS 連載/コラム rensai / koramu
4 Letters    Info on how to subscribe to a Japanese magazine in the US.
5 Brand News (Innovative uses of the Japanese language)
"Nick & Ann" -- a new couple in Japan.
16 A Tast of Culture with Elizabeth Andoh
Two popular women's magazines offer a peek at the neighbors' lifestyles along with recipes and homemaking tips.
18 Book Review
Terra Brockman takes a look at two novels about Japanese businessmen in the West: Clive James' The Man From Japan and Meg Pei's Salaryman.
30 Basic Japanese: Daijobu
Daijobu means "all right," but only in some situations. Mangjin shows you how to get the mose out of this word while avoiding embarrassing misuses.
36 Warning & Pronunciation Guide
84 Vocabulary Summary
86 Classifieds


MANGA 漫画 manga
26 Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson
28 The Far Side, by Gary Larson
37 Tanaka-kun · 田中くん, by Tanaka Hiroshi
40 O-jama Shimasu · オジャマします, by Imazeki Shin
42 A Visual Glossary of Modern Terms · 図説現代用語便覧, by Deluxe Company
46 OL Shinkaron · OL進化論, by Akizuki Risu
48 Binbo Seikatsu Manyuaru · ビンボー生活マニュアル, by Maekawa Tsukasa
56 Warau Serusuman (Part II) · 笑うせぇるすまん, by Fujiko Fujio (A)
64 Naniwa Kin'yudo · ナニワ金融道, by Aoki Yuji


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