Mangajin 29 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 29 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 29 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 29 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 29 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 29 - The Japan Shop

Mangajin 29

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PLEASE NOTE: Mangajin ceased publication in 1998. These back issues may be new or used, but they will not be pristine. A few are still in sealed bags (for mailing), but even those are unlikely to be pristine due to shelf-wear and the amount of time passed. Please consider these as learning tools to be used rather than for collecting. That being said, if condition is important to you, please contact us with specific issues and we'll send you photos of the actual items.


Mangajin was a wonderful magazine for learners of Japanese. Each issue somehow had something for every level, but we recommend them most for upper beginners. 

Those interested in translation will love how Mangajin breaks down the manga it presents, explaining grammar, vocabulary, and cultural references with ease.

The cover image above is for this particular issue. The sample pages inside may or may not be from this exact issue. See below for a table of contents (retrieved from


Japanese Software Special
what's available in the US
· Kacho Shima Kosaku
does Kyoto
FEATURES 特集 tokushu
9 Political Cartoon
Newly elected Prime Minister Hosokawa seems to be having problems pruning the mighty oak left behind by the LDP.
11 Software Special
No more excuses! It's time to teach your computer Japanese. Douglas Horn examines the current Mac vs. PC options and provides a summary of Japanese application software available in the US.
42 Interview with Takeuchi Akira, creator of Garcia-kun
Manga artist Takeuchi Akira has created somthing of a stir with his new series about a foreign laborer (外人労働者, gaijin rodosha) in Japan.


DEPARTMENTS 連載/コラム rensai / koramu
4 Letters & Bloopers
The readers write.
7 Brand News
Quick pickling.
16 A Tast of Culture: Elizabeth Andoh    Japanese kitchen utensils are as distinctive as Japanese cooking.
20 Book Review    Sakaiya Taichi's What Is Japan? (English translation of a Japanese best seller) is a prime example of the popular Nihon-ron ("theories about Japan") genre.
32 Basic Japanese: Stylized Kanji
Most kanji characters are actually highly stylized pictures. In graphic arts, however, the process can go backward, and kanji are altered to take on the shape of the objects they represent. Mangajin presents a selection of these "visual puns."
88 Vocabulary Summary
90 Mangajin · Mono
More stuff for study and fun.
94 Classifieds


MANGA 漫画 manga
28 Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson
30 The Far Side, by Gary Larson
38 Tanaka-kun · 田中くん, by Tanaka Hiroshi
40 OL Shinkaron · OL進化論, by Akizuki Risu
42 Garcia-kun · ガルシアくん, by Takeuchi Akira
52 Sanshiro no Koi · 三四郎の恋, by Maekawa Tsukasa
63 Kacho Shima Kosaku · 課長島耕作(Part II), by Hirokane Kenshi

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Quality content with really helpful explanations

Firstly, I'm glad the dialogues feel like conversations I would actually have. That makes it so much easier to relate to and remember.

Secondly, the explanations about appropriate politeness level are really helpful and put the different ways of saying things in context. I also like that the books tell you if a word or phrase is very common.

Last but definitely not least, I am impressed by the quality of these books. This isn't the first bundle by Clay & Yumi Boutwell that I've purchased and I will certainly buy more in the future. The content is consistently great. Even the files are well thought out with three different formats included for each book.

More Hello Kitty

What can I say? I am obsessed with Hello Kitty and these items have found a happy home :-)!!!


I've been searching for beginner-intermediate Japanese books and graciously came across this bundle (thanks fb). It offers more than just a simple read with crackdown explanation sentence-by-sentence which is extremely helpful. I began to notice myself picking up the pace and the ability to understand without reading the explanation.

TL;DR : Worth it for beginners. Take advantage of the price before it goes off!

I wish there are more books like these to read, and I will purchase other bundles in the future. ありがとうございます。

Excellent ro start your learning experience!

A must read to pick up on the correct way to pronounce and write hiragana with tips for easy memory work and follow up. Greatly recommended!

Excellent listening practice

The vocabulary package is worth the price of entry alone. The pronunciation is so precise, and clear.