Mangajin 17 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 17 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 17 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 17 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 17 - The Japan Shop
Mangajin 17 - The Japan Shop

Mangajin 17

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PLEASE NOTE: Mangajin ceased publication in 1998. These back issues may be new or used, but they will not be pristine. A few are still in sealed bags (for mailing), but even those are unlikely to be pristine due to shelf-wear and the amount of time passed. Please consider these as learning tools to be used rather than for collecting. That being said, if condition is important to you, please contact us with specific issues and we'll send you photos of the actual items.


Mangajin was a wonderful magazine for learners of Japanese. Each issue somehow had something for every level, but we recommend them most for upper beginners. 

Those interested in translation will love how Mangajin breaks down the manga it presents, explaining grammar, vocabulary, and cultural references with ease.

The cover image above is for this particular issue. The sample pages inside may or may not be from this exact issue. See below for a table of contents (retrieved from

Tezuka Osamu - Japan's "God of Manga"
· 手塚治虫―漫画の神様
4 Politeness Levels - It's only fair to warn you.
5 Pronunciation Guide (and apology from the translations)


8 Mad · Ad - Why does Nintendo become Ninteido? Mad Amando comments on the situation in Seattle.
22 Tezuka Osamu: Japan's "God of Manga" - The Walt Disney of Japan? There's really much more to it; Fred Schodt, an unabashed Tezuka fan himself, reports.


3 Letters - Mangajin gets nailed for a blooper; questions about "v" and "b" in Japanese; etc.
7 Brand News - A clever magazine title, and a special on "Special Days."
16 Basic Japanese: Baby Talk - An introduction to Japanese Toddler-ese; words used only by small children, and how babies tend to mispronounce some sounds.
75 Computer · Corner - Jim Caldwell reports on the latest developments with Unicode.
76 Classifieds - Computer Stuff, Job Seekers, Pen Pals, Clubs & more!
78 Mangajin · Mono - The catalog pages
80 Vocabulary Summary - Words appearing in this issue of Mangajin


10 Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson
26 The Phoenix, by Tezuka Osamu
44 Tanaka-kun, by Tanaka Hiroshi
46 Konnichi-wa Kuriko-san, by Terashima Reiko
48 What's Michael, by Kobayashi Makoto
56 Oishinbo (Part II), by Kariya Tetsu and Hanasaki Akira


72 About Books - Cross-cultural reading
73 In the Realm of a Dying Emperor, by Norma Field

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Hello Kitty and Happiness

What is not to love about anything Hello Kitty! When I see her, she makes me smile and feel happy. I'll smile and be happy every time I use my fan during this hot Arizona summer! Such a simple thing :-) Thank you for making them available!!

Useful Bundle

This is a great bundle to practice Japanese from traditional stories for beginners or intermediate learners of Japanese.

Great Stuff

The stories are great for beginners and intermediates and the formatting is really helpful. I'm very much enjoying them so far!

Best magazine to learn Japaese.

I love this magazine (e-zine) for the articles. It is a fun read full of language and culture tips. Worth every penny.

A fascinating and accessible purchase

These stories handle two birds with one stone: instructive and accessible language learning as well as a brief, entry-level look into aspects of Japanese history. When used in conjunction with other products on offer these stories provide a broader scope of grammar and vocabulary. I am very pleased that I found this store.