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Learn Japanese through Dialogues: at the Restaurant - The Japan Shop

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Learn Japanese through Dialogues: at the Restaurant

$ 4.49 $ 5.00

Finally, a fun and easy way to learn REAL conversational Japanese!

This product has two variations:

1) Digital eBook: Instant Download! This includes a PDF, Kindle, and ePub version of the book. It also includes MP3s of all the dialogues; you will be provided with a download link instantly. (see below for sample audio files)

2) Paperback: This will be mailed to you; you will also be sent an email with a download link for the above PDF, Kindle, ePub, and MP3s. Choose this option if you prefer an analog, feel-it-in-your-hands book.

A note about the included (for either the Digital Download or the paperback) audio files. The audio is designed to work with or without the book/PDF. The audio includes explanation and space for repetition. This is a great product if you like to study while driving, jogging, or on the go.

Each of the eight dialogues have four associated audio files:

  1. The dialogue by itself 

  2. The dialogue with English translations after each line
  3. Vocabulary read and explained line by line
  4. The dialogue with pauses after each line for repetition

We believe the best way to learn vocabulary--by far--is to study words within their proper context. The dialogues found in this product are all about context and how Japanese is actually used while at a restaurant. The MP3s are all recorded by native voice actors and actresses.

The book itself contains the dialogues with the English translation, but it also adds cultural or grammatical notes to help you understand the dialogue in context. Each and every dialogue is broken down to make it understandable for even those new to Japanese. After each sentence, a literal translation is provided. That is followed by a full list of every vocabulary word found within that sentence.

While you do not have to know hiragana before using this book (romaji is provided), we highly recommend it. If you do not yet know hiragana, please check out our Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese.

Dialogue 1: Making Reservations
Dialogue 2: Getting a Table for a Friend
Dialogue 3: Meeting Sally Late
Dialogue 4: Ordering
Dialogue 5: Waiting for Food
Dialogue 6: Udon
Dialogue 7: New Year and Soba
Dialogue 8: At a Donut Shop

  • 55+ Megs of Audio | 34 sound files
  • Includes audio files for the dialogue, with English, just the vocabulary, and space for repetition
  • Includes PDF, Kindle, and ePub versions
  • Paperback is 133 pages
  • Total Run time of the audio: 1 hour and 21 minutes

NOTE: if you are using an iPad, tablet, or a phone that cannot open Zipped files, please wait for a second email after your purchase, it contains a direct link to the books. This can take up to five minutes, but is usually quicker.

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