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Katakana, the Basics of Japanese

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Learn katakana fast and painlessly.

For English speakers wanting to start learning Japanese.

If you want to learn Japanese, mastering hiragana and katakana should be one of the first things you do. Many textbooks begin assuming the student knows the kana. This book is designed to help you master katakana quickly.

With this book, you will learn all the main katakana characters plus all the variations. You will also learn important vocabulary words using the katakana that you have learned.

In addition to the PDF of the book, it also includes all the MP3s of the sounds (so you can be sure you are pronouncing the characters correctly), a poster you can print, a PDF of flashcards you can print and cut, and a PDF of our 14 page writing practice pad for mastering Katakana.

Argiatou and here's to your Japanese!

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