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TJS Newsletter

We have several newsletters—they are all free!

TheJapanShop.com Newsletter

Sent regularly--but not too often--this newsletter includes special (and often hidden) sales and coupons, new products, and advice for learning Japanese.



Super Suiyoubi

Once a week, Clay discounts one item to the bone. This newsletter is sent out Tuesday night and the sale ends when Wednesday (suiyoubi) ends.


New Stuff at TheJapanShop.com

This is sent when we get new stuff in. Get first dibs on limited stocked items.


Kanji a Day JLPT N5 Kanji List

This free educational list sends one email a day to master a single kanji. It includes stroke order, on and kun readings, meaning, and example sentences. There is also a link to a sound file so you can be sure you are pronouncing it correctly.