Biographies of Great Japanese Figures [5 Volumes] [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]


Biographies of Great Japanese Figures [5 Volumes] [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]



For Beginners to Intermediates

Each biography contains two versions of the essay. First, read a simpler version with mostly JLPT N5-N4 beginner-level vocabulary and grammar. Then, tackle the intermediate version which covers basically same information but longer and with more difficult grammar and vocabulary.

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Some of these biographies were first published in our Makoto Magazine (click here to learn about becoming a Makoto member), but we have greatly edited and expanded those essays. In addition, each book includes a shorter beginner-level version of the essay. Review the vocabulary and grammar notes, read the beginner-level essay, and then tackle the full intermediate essay.

We are launching with four full eBooks but will soon add book #5. 

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This is a bundle of eBooks in digital format. Download instantly and begin improving your Japanese reading skills (PDFs), listening abilities (sound files - slow and normal speed), and vocabulary (Anki flashcard decks). Use the Anki flashcard decks to quickly learn vocabulary. An amazing value!


This bundle is recommended for upper beginners to intermediate students of Japanese. If you are just starting out, no problem! We have a bundle just for you. Click here to learn about our Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha Beginner's Bundle.

 Each volume sells on Amazon and elsewhere for $4.99. But remember, you will get lifetime updates including new eBooks in the series and supplementary material.


  • 1 Natsume Souseki - Author and scholar
  • 2 Tezuka Osamu - Manga artist
  • 3 Shibasawa Eiichi - Super businessman
  • 4 Fukuzawa Yukichi - Education is key
  • 5 Yamaha Torakusu - Music and more!
  • 6 John Manjiro - COMING SOON
  • 7 Kitasato Shibasaburou - COMING SOON
  • 8 Tsuda Umeko - COMING SOON

Learn important kanji from the essays with Kanji in Focus


  • Each essay (both easier and intermediate essay) includes two sound files. One read slowly and one read at normal speed
  • Use the QR code so you can scan to instantly hear the sound file streamed to you on demand!
  • An easy and fun way to introduce yourself to important Japanese figures while also improving your vocabulary, grammar, and kanji.
  • Best for upper beginners, however even beginners who have a solid knowledge of hiragana and basic grammar can enjoy this bundle. (Don’t know hiragana yet?! No problem. See our Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha digital bundle here.)
  • Every single line and every word are explained and defined.
  • Designed specifically for upper beginners to intermediates.
  • Build your Japanese vocabulary, understand new grammatical patterns, improve your reading skills, and hone in your listening abilities
  • Each essay includes two MP3s recorded by a native Japanese voice actress. Print out the PDFs and drop the MP3s on your phone for on the go studying.
  • Anki decks - Use the provided Anki flashcard decks to help you learn the vocabulary found in the stories. These decks are included free of charge.

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Customer Reviews

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Barry L Danser (Fulham, GB)
This is a must buy

Fight boredom! This is the most interesting set of bigraphies . This has a completely new spin on how they are presented.
I am not a beginner but not always able to handle intermediate. This takes the pain out of trying to read complicated pieces.You get prepped up from the vocabulary and the beginners section.
By the time you get to the intermediate section suddenly it’s getting easier. Slow and fast sound tracks wrap it up nicely.
Anyway I have to go now as I’m hooked on reading this stuff