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Inazuma #1: Japanese Honorifics & Pronouns - San, Chan, Sama, Say What?

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Just how do I say "I" in Japanese?
Watashi? Watakushi? Ore? Boku? Ora? Sessha?
Yes. All of the above, and there are more.
This quick-and-to-the-point lesson, which includes free MP3s of all the examples and words, covers the basics and beyond of Japanese pronouns and honorifics. If you are a beginner and pronouns and honorifics confuse you, this book is for you.
Honorifics are words like san, sama, sensei, and senpai which convey esteem or respect for someone's position or rank. Even the pronouns are not simple. Gender, status, and familiarity all play a part in choosing your "Mr." or "Miss."
This book helps demystify Japanese pronouns and honorifics.
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Each book in the Inazuma Series of Japanese lessons focuses on a very narrow topic, giving you both the essential information upfront and the spice of nonessential but fun information following. 
It is like eating your vegetables with ketchup.

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Helpful and great value for money

The mp3s and ebooks of the dialogues are very helpful. The speakers voices are clear and distinct allowing you easily recognise the Japanese words you're familiar with.

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