Sunday Haiku: Spring has Sprung with 小林一茶

Sunday Haiku: Spring has Sprung with 小林一茶

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And now, today's Sunday Haiku:


Today's haiku is by 小林 一茶【こばやし いっさ】.

Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828) is considered to be one of the four great masters of haiku in addition to Basho, Buson, and Shiki. He rivals Basho in popularity. He wrote over 20,000 haiku. issa means "one (cup of) tea." 

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Haiku lesson



Let's get right to it.


雪とけて 村いっぱいの こどもかな。

yuki tokete / mura ippai no / kodomo kana
The snow has thawed / the village is full / of children



  • 雪 snow
  • とけて melted and [the snow has thawed; if the haiku only had 雪, the season would be winter, but since the snow has thawed, the season is spring. The thawing further makes us feel a release from the inconvenience of snow.]
  • 村 village
  • いっぱいの full of (children)
  • こども children
  • かな how; alas; what!


The snow has melted away. During the winter, the heavy snow made it difficult to be outside, but now the children can play with glee. The village, it seems, is filled with children in place of the snow.

The cold and silent snow is replaced with the warm and loud shouts of playing children.


小林 一茶【こばやし いっさ】
Issa wrote over 20,000 haiku. Wow.



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