母の日 Mother's Day in Japanese

母の日 Mother's Day in Japanese

Happy Mother's Day! 

Did you know Japan also has a Mother's Day? It is called 母の日 (haha no hi), which, er, literally means, "Mother's Day."

It is held on the second Sunday in May.

Here are a few vocabulary words associated with Mom.

お母さん okaasan--mother 

ママ mama--mama

赤ちゃん akachan--baby


息子 musuko--son


カーネーション ka-ne-shon--carnation

While Japanese don't really say "Happy Mother's Day!" you can express your appreciation in other ways:

いつもありがとう itsumo arigatou--thank you for everything

感謝している kansha shiteiru--(I) am thankful.




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