Family Words and Terms in Japanese Explained

family in Japanese family words and terms how to say mother in Japanese ninja penguin

  • 家族 kazoku family
  • お父さん otousan father
  • お母さん okaasan mother
  • 息子 musuko son
  • musume daughter
  • ani older brother
  • otouto younger brother
  • ane older sister
  • imouto younger sister
  • 赤ちゃん akachan baby

The above lists the most common and useful terms of family relationships. However, it should be noted that there are different words used whether you are talking about your own family or talking about someone else’s family. Japanese also distinguishes between older and younger siblings.


Japanese has two sets of family relationship words depending on whose family member you are talking about.



  Excerpted from Ninja Penguin Talks JAPANESE in JAPAN by Clay & Yumi Boutwell






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