Because ので is a Conjunction--although のに is one too!

Because ので is a Conjunction--although のに is one too!

 In today's blog post, let's examine two kind-of unrelated but useful conjunctions: ので and のに.

Because—ので node

 In English, we start the phrase with “because”; in Japanese, you often end with because (ので).

Just add it after an adjective.

sono kaban wa takai node, zutto tsukau tsumori desu.

Since that bag was expensive, I plan on using it for a long time.

Just add it to the simple form of any verb.

gojira ga kuru node, toukyou wa kowai tokoro desu.

Because Godzilla comes, Tokyo is a scary place.

After a noun or a -na adjective add a NA before NODE.

watashi wa mada gakusei na node, okane ga nai.

Because I am still a student, I don’t have any money.


Although—のに noni

A close cousin to ので node (previously covered), is のに noni. It is often used to show disappointment in the current situation.

Just add it after an adjective.

isshou kenmei benkyou shita noni, tesuto ni ochita.
Even though I studied hard, I flunked the test.

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