VERY VERY IMPRESSED: Learn Japanese Phrases for FREE on your iPhone or iPad

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This review is a little old, but I just saw it today. 

"I was blown away by the amount of content this free app has to offer!"

Yes, exactly--originally, this free version was to have a few hundred sound files. But I kept adding until it had OVER 700 sound files of words and sentences in many categories perfect for beginning level students of Japanese.

All FREE for your iPhone or iPad.

Click here for the FREE Japanese Phrases app.


But you want more? How about 2,700 sound files and hundreds of added lessons on grammar, kana, and kanji?

Normally, it sells for $9.99. In fact, I haven't discounted it literally in years. But starting today for a limited time, it is only $4.99.

Click here for the FULL Japanese Phrases app for $4.99.



P.S. the FULL version (which has sold thousands of copies for $9.99 and has thousands of sound files and hundreds of lessons) has over 500 customer ratings 4.5 out of 5!! Grab it now while it is on sale (or try the free version to make sure it is a fit for you)

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