Makoto Issues 67-72 Value Bundle [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]


Makoto Issues 67-72 Value Bundle [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]


Makoto E-Zine Bundle #67 - #72

This bundle set includes Makoto e-zine issues #67 through #72 for six complete issues. Download instantly and begin improving your Japanese reading skills (PDFs and ePub), listening abilities (MP3s), and vocabulary. Anki decks are included for the intermediate story too! An amazing value!

❝Makoto is a great magazine for not only learning the Japanese language, but it also features articles about Japanese culture and food as well. Furthermore, it holds lots of info about places of interest that one should visit when traveling in Japan.❞

 AND NOW GET IT ALL for $15.00

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If all the issues were bought separately, the cost would be $24, but get it today at nearly half price!

Purchase now and instantly get the digital download link—INSTANT GRATIFICATION and NO Shipping Charges Worldwide!

Each issue includes jokes (in Japanese), fun etymologies, grammar lessons, kanji practice, fun phrases, and, of course, a Japanese reader.

  • Makoto #67: Japanese Readers: Tomokoroshi (beginner) + Shibusawa Eiichi, the Father of Japanese Capitalism (Intermediate) [58 Pages | 2 eBook Formats | 17 Sound Files | 1 Anki Flashcard Deck]
  • Makoto #68: Japanese Readers: Kannazuki (beginner) + Fukuzawa Yukichi (Intermediate) [61 Pages | 2 eBook Formats | 20 Sound Files | 1 Anki Flashcard Deck]
  • Makoto #69: Japanese Readers: Koharubiyori (beginner) + Kitasato Shibasaburou (Intermediate) [51 Pages | 2 eBook Formats | 18 Sound Files | 1 Anki Flashcard Deck]
  • Makoto #70: Japanese Readers: Kentucky Fried Chicken (beginner) + Tsuda Umeko (Intermediate) [58 Pages | 2 eBook Formats | 16 Sound Files | 1 Anki Flashcard Deck]
  • Makoto #71: Japanese Readers: Kakizome (beginner) + Natsume Souseki (Intermediate) [63 Pages | 2 eBook Formats | 17 Sound Files | 1 Anki Flashcard Deck]
  • Makoto #72: Japanese Readers: National Foundation Day (beginner) + Noguchi Hideyo (Intermediate) [62 Pages | 2 eBook Formats | 17 Sound Files | 1 Anki Flashcard Deck]

Impress your Japanese friends with knowledge of Japanese history while polishing your grammar and learning new vocabulary words. 日本語を磨こう! Let’s polish our Japanese!

Here’s what you get in every issue:

  • Jokes, fun phrases, and useful kanji
  • Prefecture Spotlight: each issue introduces a different Japanese prefecture
  • Read about Japanese culture in real Japanese! Yes, as long as you have learned hiragana, you can read real Japanese today with these fully annotated stories.
  • Two stories: one for beginners and one for intermediates; every single line and every word are explained and defined.
  • Designed specifically for beginners to intermediates.
  • Build your Japanese vocabulary, understand new grammatical patterns, improve your reading skills, and improve your listening abilities
  • Each story or essay includes TWO sound files recorded by a native Japanese voice actress of each story. One read slowly and one read at normal speed.
  • Print out the PDFs and drop the MP3s on your phone for on the go studying.
  • Normally each of the Makoto issues sell for $4 each. Now, for the first time, you can get them all together for a single low price of $24! Er... Nope! It's $15.00.

Perfect for the beginner to intermediate student of Japanese.

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