Learn Japanese with Yokai! Kitsune Fox [Paperback]


Learn Japanese with Yokai! Kitsune Fox [Paperback]


For Upper Beginners Learning Japanese 

Living in shadows and the in-between world of dreams and reality, yokai thrive in Japanese imagination. What are yokai? They are monsters, ghosts, unnatural beings, and even sentient household items. Yokai can be harmless and amusing, or they can be terrifying. 

Now you can learn about yokai and read stories about them while polishing your Japanese. ♥


Shapeshifting animals play a big part in Japanese folklore. As you might assume, these yokai are devious and can be dangerous. In this book, we will look at the two main animal culprits: the fox and the tanuki.

83 Pages


  • Includes three essays or stories
  • Each story is presented in three formats: 
    1) Sentence-by-Sentence with definition and commentary below 
    2) Japanese only (to test your reading ability) 
    3) English translation (to confirm your understanding)
  • The Sentence-by Sentence section of each story presents a small chunk of the Japanese with furigana over the kanji and a complete glossary of all the words; important grammatical patterns are pointed out and explained in plain English
  • Find a link to download sound files for the stories (for no extra charge) on the last page of the book
  • Each story has a slow and normal speed recording of the Japanese read by Yumi



 ① Nine-Tailed Fox

 ② The Legend of the Killing Stone

 ③ The Fox's Wedding



This book is designed so that both those fairly new to Japanese and those in the intermediate stages can equally find value. The ideal level, however, is for the upper beginner, somewhere around the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N4. 


If you are learning Japanese and are fascinated by yokai and traditional tales of old Japan, click the Buy Now button to begin studying now. 

Customer Reviews

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Mike (Salt Lake City, US)
Great and Enjoyable for Learning Japanese

I really like these books ad I have bought all of them. I really like the format, Furigana with explanations, followed by just Japanese. I can learn it and then challenge myself to read just Japanese. The audios are great/ They are done by Yumi, so they are very clear and easy to understand. These are great to bring with you anywhere you go and read while you have intervals of time of waiting, eating, etc.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're enjoying the books and find the format helpful and enjoyable. I'm planning to add Anki flashcard decks to more of the Yokai bundle soon.