Sightseeing in Japan Volume 2 - Onsen and Jigokudani [Paperback]

$ 12.99

Sightseeing in Japan Volume 2 - Onsen and Jigokudani [Paperback]

$ 12.99

For Upper Beginners Learning Japanese 

These readers are to not only help improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension but also to introduce tourist sites you may want to visit for your next Japan visit.

It will also help you understand Japanese geography and culture as well. ♥


This volume includes two essays: 

  • 温泉 onsen - hot springs
  • 地獄谷野猿公苑 Jigokudani - An onsen famous for its bathing monkeys

90 Pages


  • Includes two essays
  • Each story is presented in three formats: 
    1) Sentence-by-Sentence with definition and commentary below 
    2) Japanese only (to test your reading ability) 
    3) English translation (to confirm your understanding)
  • The Sentence-by Sentence section of each story presents a small chunk of the Japanese with furigana over the kanji and a complete glossary of all the words; important grammatical patterns are pointed out and explained in plain English
  • Find a link to download sound files for the stories (for no extra charge) on the last page of the book
  • Or use the QR codes to scan with your phone's camera for on-demand audio
  • Each story has a slow and normal speed recording of the Japanese read by Yumi



This book is designed so that both those fairly new to Japanese and those in the intermediate stages can equally find value. The ideal level, however, is for the upper beginner, somewhere around the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N4 or N3 (intermediate). 


If you are learning Japanese and look forward to your next Japan trip, click the Buy Now button to begin studying now. 

Customer Reviews

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Mark F. (Tokyo, JP)
Sightseeing series is great

These books are a lot more then you think. The book is jam packed with great information, basically starts off with dialogs of the topic. I love it because it has furigana over the kanji. It then thoroughly goes over the explanation of the dialog and explains relevant kanji that is used in the sentences. There's QR codes to get audio playback if you want to practice your hearing comprehension, in two speeds, slower and normal speeds, which is great. The kanji to me isn't trivial and is perfect for what i was looking for which is more kanji reading practice. Anyways, highly recommended if you're at the level to start reading more kanji.