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Two Tocks before Midnight | The Agora Mystery Series Book 1

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Two Tocks before Midnight: A 19th Century Historical Murder Mystery (The Agora Mystery Series Book 1)

The Strange Affair of October 24th, 1859

When a flurry of forgeries appear in museums and among collectors, the members of the Agora, a society dedicated to the betterment of man, take it upon themselves to stop the rogues.

But among the members, there is a traitor. Among the forgers, there is a murderer.

As friends betray their own and souls are sentenced to death, suspicions and tensions mount. Only one man, Carl Brooke, has the knowledge and expertise to stop the murderer. But will he succeed? Or will the night of October 24th, 1859 forever remain a unresolved mystery?

This 9,500 word novella is followed by the 500 word short story: The Handkerchief.

The total word count is 10,069.


In the style of Arthur Conan Doyle, Clay Boutwell brings back the Agora Society and its premier scholar, Carl Brooke. This is the first short story in the Agora Series.

The books in order:
1) Two Tocks before Midnight
2) The Penitent Thief
3) The Peace Party Massacre
4) The Curse of the Mad Sheik
5) The Captain’s Play
6) Murder by Monday
7) Eggs over Arsenic
8) Honor thy Oath
9) The Felled Crabapple Tree
10) The Eye of Bennu


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