Touch of Megumi Transforming Headband for Active Women

$ 9.95
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Touch of Megumi Turban Headband

Are you looking for a good workout headband? Tired of hair in your eyes? How about a headband that easily converts to cover your ears when the winter chill comes?

Made of durable yet stretchy material, your Touch of Megumi Headband will stay put without pulling your hair.

Traditional headbands usually do a fine job, but what about those stray hairs that always seem to pop out and take direct aim for your eyes? With the Touch of Megumi headband, you can simply pull the headband to cover most of your hair including all those stragglers. Headband to Head covering in a few seconds.

Great for yoga, aerobics, running, and daily life. When you are done, it's also great for washing your face.

  • 60% cotton
  • MULTI-USE: Bad-Hair Day? Use your Touch of Megumi (ToM) Turban Headband to cover the most horrendous mornings; Jack Frost nipping at your ears? Keep your forehead and ears snug and warm; Don't enjoy your hair poking your eyes? Transform the headband to a hair covering to keep your hair in place at all times
  • COMFORTABLY SIMPLE: This one-size-fits-all headband is flexible enough to feel comfortable without slipping. Enjoy jogging again without worrying about your hair flying all over the place.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of 60% cotton (with a combination of polyester and stretchy spandex) your ToM Headband will feel cozy and firm for all hair and head types. And when exercising? No sweat! Your ToM will keep sweat from your eyes.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: We are sure you will LOVE your ToM, but if you have any problems or it just isn't for you, simply return it for a 100% no-questions-asked refund.
  • READY to keep your hair out of your eyes while adding a Touch of Megumi to your style? Choose your color and click "Add to Cart" now!