The Penitent Thief (The Agora Mystery Series Book 2)
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The Penitent Thief (The Agora Mystery Series Book 2)

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A string of thefts ends in a grisly murder. Certain evidence leads Captain Barnwell to suspect a former thief, Rutherford Nordlinger as the culprit. Carl Brooke becomes personally involved as Nordlinger's guilt is questioned. 

"While I had been willing to consign our Agora past
experiences to the grave, I now realize what a disservice this would have been
to the record of history. Yes, the Agora Society should be remembered and, if
modesty permits, I am the only one still living who is able to share some form
of accurate and in-depth knowledge on the subject."

In the style of Arthur Conan Doyle, CJ Martin brings back the Agora Society and its premiere scholar, Carl Brooke. This is the second novelette in the Agora Series, the first being, Two Tocks before Midnight.

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