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The Japan Shop Full-Sized Kendama Wooden Traditional Japanese Toy

The Japan Shop

The Japan Shop Full-Sized Kendama Wooden Traditional Japanese Toy

$ 9.99

The Japan Shop Pocket Kendama includes one full sized red toy made of wood. The Japanese have been playing with the kendama for centuries. It gained great popularity during the Edo Period (the time of the samurai! 1600 - 1868) and today the kendama is known and loved all around the world. The object of the kendama is to land the ball on either of the two side cups, the bottom cup, or for those wanting the most difficult mode of play, try landing it on the pointy spike at top. We recommend holding the kendama with the string motionless below. Then, without jerking your hand too much, bend your knees and straighten them to bounce the ball as straight upward as possible. Please be careful with your kendama. As with a yoyo, a kendama can be dangerous when flung wildly.

  • FULL SIZE: At 7" from tip to top, this is a normal sized Kendama
  • STOCKING STUFFER & PERFECT GIFT: Perfect for party favors, children's gifts, or friendly family competition
  • CHALLENGING: Hone your reflexes and improve hand to eye coordination while having a blast.
  • SAFE & ALL NATURAL: Made from wood with a red colored ball
  • EDUCATIONAL: Improve eye hand coordination for all ages

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