Seiko RM2000 Romanized English-Japanese Learner's Pocket Dictionary [USED]

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From Clay: The RM2000 was a lifesaver for those new to Japanese. It was the only dictionary that displayed romaji as well as "real" Japanese. Seiko stopped production some ten years ago and this is the first one I've found in nearly six months. So, if you are just starting out with Japanese and are looking for a quick boost, consider this dictionary.

OUR GUARANTEE: It is used, but in excellent condition. We offer a 60 day guarantee: except for user-caused issues (dropping it in the toilet, for example), if it stops working or has any problems, just return it to us for a full refund.

It includes two new batteries and all functions have been tested. It works like new and looks pretty good. There are no scratches on the screen and the outer case looks pretty good. It is extremely easy to use; you can start using it immediately.


  • English to Japanese/Japanese to English dictionary (Romanized)
  • Integrated thesaurus and spell checker
  • Large 5 line by 30 character display
  • Search for phrases; idiom/example sentence search
  • Displays keyword, part of speech, English or Japanese equivalent, stress and accent marks, example sentences and idioms

The Kenkyusha Romanized English-Japanese Dictionary is one of the most comprehensive and popular dictionaries among those who are studying Japanese as a second language. The unit provides over 20,000 examples and idioms. It will also prove useful to those who want to speak, read and write everyday Japanese. The Roman alphabet-based dictionary is derived from the standard Hepburn system. All entries have been selected to meet daily needs, based on native Japanese frequent usage. 


  • English-Japanese/Japanese-English Dictionary (Romanized)
  • Thesaurus (Roget's II: The New Thesaurus)
  • Spelling checker (Wild card search)
  • Recognizes phonetically spelled Japanese words
  • Phrase search; Idiom/Example sentence search
  • Unit shows keyword, part of speech, English or Japanese equivalent, stress and accent marks, example sentences and idioms
  • Japanese translations are provided in romanized form with accent marks and in Japanese orthography
  • In Japanese to English mode, headwords are written in roman letters, followed by the standard writing in "hiragana" or "katakana" (the two Japanese syllabaries) and, where appropriate, "kanji" (Chinese characters)
  • History function recalls previously entered words
  • Large 5 line x 30 Character Display
  • Magnifying "ZOOM" Function for Easy Reading
  • Help function; Path function; Jump function
  • Inflection search (for English-Japanese Dictionary)
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Resume function
  • Large high-contrast display with wide angle view
  • Auto shutoff : 3 min. (approx.)