SEIKEI Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Iced Coffee, Tea, and Fruit Infused Water, Glass Pitcher, 44 Ounce Capacity

$ 19.95

Do you enjoy the smooth taste of iced coffee, but don't enjoy the hassle of making it at home? How about iced tea? Fruit-infused water?

With the Seikei Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, you pour the coffee grounds, water, and go about your day! That's it. it takes a good 24 hours to brew but the work involved is less than two minutes.

The cold brew process brews coffee with minimal acidity and a smooth almost sweet taste. It is gentler on the stomach than hot-brewed coffee and makes for a pleasant alternative to offer your guests when entertaining. Keep some in your refrigerator and enjoy delicious cold brew iced coffee at all times.

While any ground coffee can be used, we recommend a course ground of darker full roast. Iced coffee should be brewed strong to hold up with the ice.

The borosilicate glass is the glass of choice for kitchenware that may require extreme temperatures. It also is very strong and safer than other more brittle types of glasses.

Lastly, we stand behind our products--just read our reviews. We take care of our customers. If you have ANY problem, please contact us for an immediate resolution (always in your favor)! We want you to not just enjoy Seikei products, but to be thrilled while enjoying them.