Seikei Butter Knife Spreader Stainless Steel Set

$ 8.99
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The Seikei Butter Knife Spreader adds an elegant touch to your butter dish, soft cheese plate, condiment dishes, or other spreads. Small enough to not slip off the butter dish and large enough to hold and slice through butter, this two knife set allows you to have two butter dishes on your table at easy reach for the entire family.

An exceptional culinary experience: The pointed edge and crafted curvature makes slicing into a cube of butter and then spreading it an easy job. Excellent for casual entertaining, dining, or everyday use. Use it for spreading butter, soft cheeses, spreads, jam, and condiments.

  • Serve your butter, breakfast spreads, cheese, and condiments
  • Unique curvature and point for slicing and spreading
  • Convenient two pack: Place the butter dishes on each end of the table
  • At your next Party, Entertain with Style, SEIKEI Style
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