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Nihongo Journal December 1999 [No tape or CD] - The Japan Shop


Nihongo Journal December 1999 [No tape or CD]

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Recommended for Upper Beginner to Advanced

Back in the day, Nihongo Journal (along with the venerable Mangajin--requiescat in pace) was the magazine many Japanese learners were eager to snatch up at the newspaper stand before the one or two copies they stocked were gone.

It catered to a wide range of interests and skill levels. Still, I think it is best for intermediates. Upper beginners can get a lot out of it, but there's more for intermediates.

Nihongo Journal covered Japanese culture and history while teaching vocabulary, kanji, and grammar. All kanji had furigana under the kanji. 

This is a USED back issue from 1999. It is in very good condition, but not pristine. There shouldn't be any pencil markings, but it is possible we missed something.

The cover image is the actual image from this issue. The other inside images may or may not be from this particular issue. They are, however, representative of the kind of articles and the format of the magazine.

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