Japanese Graded Readers Level 3 Volume 3 - The Japan Shop
Japanese Graded Readers Level 3 Volume 3 - The Japan Shop
Japanese Graded Readers Level 3 Volume 3 - The Japan Shop

Japanese Graded Readers Level 3 Volume 3

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Japanese Graded Readers Level 3 Volume 3

The Japanese Graded Readers series presents interesting stories in your level. The included CD means you can improve your listening skills as well as reading and vocabulary. The stories are colorfully illustrated and a delight to read.

The stories in this volume include:

・幸せな王子 The Happy Prince
・カップヌードル・カラオケ・ウォークマン 日本で生まれて世界へ

    The Graded Japanese Readers books are divided into 5 levels with level 0 being the easiest.

    • Level 0/JLPT N5 – 400 word length; 350 vocabulary words
    • Level 1/JLPT N4-N5 – 400 to 1,500 word length; 350 vocabulary words
    • Level 2/JLPT N4 – 1,500 to 2,500 word length; 500 vocabulary words
    • Level 3/JLPT N3-N4 – 2,500 to 5,000 word length; 800 vocabulary words
    • Level 4/JLPT N3 – 5,000 to 10,000 word length; 1300 vocabulary words

    Please see scanned images (images may or may not be from one of the included books in this particular volume, but represent the style and format.)

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    193 reviews

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you very much! Although I just bought the first 6 issues but I will - eventually - subscribe for future issues.
    Did you consider adding QR codes after each hyperlink? I am reading this via my Kindle and listening to the MP3 on my phone. With the QR I could easily open the link without having to type in each time ;)

    Japanese Dialogues Value Bundle [4 Paperback Set]
    Great books!

    These books are a fantastic learning aid. The dialogues are extremely useful and well supported. The best part is that they are actually fun to use. You can perform role playing with a partner so two can learn Japanese. The downloads that come with the books are a special bonus. The MP3s are easy to use and provide sound to the written language. Books. MP3 files. What more can you ask for?

    A great, and fun, educational tool.

    The idea to combine stories written in hiragana with an audio recording of the text is a simple idea but very effective. There are kanji in each story too (with furigana) but the story is broken down line by line with explanations for particles, kana and each kanji. The audio recordings are great and the lady who reads them has beautifully precise and crystal clear pronunciation, that is easy to absorb and a delight to listen to! All in all I’m very satisfied and my kanji knowledge has increased with each one. Highly recommended, just bear in mind you will need to be able to read hiragana.

    Great for beginners!

    These are amazing! Every sentence is broken down, it comes with audio, but to me the best part is these feel like real conversations. This feels like a natural way to learn a language. Learning through real everyday conversations. Thank you Clay and Yumi!

    A fun tool!

    These stories are much shorter than the Japanese Reader collection, but are just as fun. They are full of grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension as well. These may be harder for beginners but are a great tool and I will be coming back to them more than once!