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Inu-bou Karuta 犬棒かるた Card Game


Inu-bou Karuta 犬棒かるた Card Game

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Anyone who can read hiragana can play karuta. This is a great game for a Japanese class to do to practice hiragana recognition and also to learn important Japanese proverbs.

All cards are neatly spread out on the floor with the hiragana side up (the other side has the proverb). The hiragana is the first character in the proverb.

A reader starts reading one of the proverbs and each player must grab the corresponding hiragana.

Example: If the proverb is 花より団子 hana yori dango ("moreso than flowers, dango" or "something useful is better than something that looks good"), as soon as the reader says "ha," the players immediately search for and then slap the card with the big は on it.

  • Requires hiragana knowledge
  • Card dimensions: 2.36 x 3.15" 
  • 45 Cards for playing and reading.
  • Play a traditional Japanese game that has been played since the Edo period!
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