Crayon Shinchan #42

$ 6.99

Crayon Shinchan (クレヨンしんちゃん kureyon shinchanis a manga about a five-year old kindergartner named Shinnosuke who is called "Shinchan." He is a Japanese Dennis the Menace with a talent for wordplay. This can make the Japanese difficult to understand, but it also is a great way to learn Japanese wordplay. 

For example, a typical Shin-chan saying would be a play on ありがとう arigatou (thank you):

ありがとうさん ari ga tousan (an ant is my father)

はえがかあさん hae ga kaasan (a fly is my mother)

The first few pages are always in color. Most pages are in black and white.

All kanji have furigana (small hiragana to the side) which means everyone with hiragana knowledge can get something out of this manga. Still, some concepts and vocabulary may be advanced. Upper beginners can attempt to plow through it with the help of a dictionary.

NOTE: While this is a used manga, every effort has been made to select issues with only the best condition. Still, this may not be for those wanting pristine. It is excellent for studying with and enjoying.

Example inside pages may not be from this exact volume, but it is representative of the level and style of Japanese.