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The Complete Japanese Reader Collection [All 10 Volumes Bundle] [Digital Download Only]
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader
Japanese Reader

The Complete Japanese Reader Collection [All 10 Volumes Bundle] [Digital Download Only]

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UPDATE: We Just added #10: Urashima Tarou and Other Stories

This bundle set includes ALL of the Japanese Reader Collection in digital format. Download instantly and begin improving your Japanese reading skills (PDFs), listening abilities (MP3s), and vocabulary. An amazing value!

NOTE: This bundle is recommended for upper beginners to intermediate students of Japanese. If you are just starting out, no problem! We have a bundle just for you. Click here to learn about our Beri- Beri- Shoshinsha Beginner's Bundle.

 Each volume sells on Amazon and elsewhere for $4.49. All nine volumes would cost $49.39 Get them all today for only $16. (The Value is actually greater than that, because we are also including our Hiragana eBook--see below.) Better still, future updates and future volumes will be added free of charge. Pay once and get lifetime updates.

Here are the example sound files from the story, The Wise Child. Normal speed and slow speed. To give you an idea of the format with the audio, the image below is the first page of The Wise Child running gloss.

The Complete Japanese Reader Collection Volumes 1-10
Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you can get now—INSTANT GRATIFICATION!


  • Hikoichi and the Young Lord
  • Hikoichi and the Living Umbrella
  • Tengu’s Straw Raincoat
  • Momotaro, the Peach Boy
  • Usagi to Kame (the Tortoise & the Hare)
  • The Inch-High Samurai
  • Kaguya Hime
  • The Mouse Bride
  • Ikkyuu-san
  • The Cut-Tongue Sparrow
  • Kobutori Jiisan
  • Yuki Onna
  • Anchin and Kiyohime 
  • Little Match Girl 
  • Hikoichi and the Wonderous Box
  • Hikoichi and the Trickster Tanuki 
  • The Oni's Mask and the Girl
  • The Fountain of Youth 
  • The Hundred Tales Game 
  • The Wise Child
  • Urashima Tarou  NEW!
  • The Young Man Who Slept Three Years
  • Hanasaka Jiisan
  • EXTRA BONUS: Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese [So, actually, the full value of this bundle is $49.39!]

Impress your Japanese friends with knowledge of Japanese folktales and stories while polishing your grammar and learning new vocabulary words. 日本語を磨こう! Let’s polish our Japanese!

Hiragana is the first Japanese syllabary a student often learns. It forms the basis for really everything else. And you really need to know hiragana to use the readers to their fullest purpose. So, as an extra bonus, we are also including our book on Hiragana, also a $4.49 value.

Here’s what you get with each of the 24 stories:

  • An easy and fun introduction to Japanese folklore, tales, and stories—these are the classic stories every single Japanese person knows and loves, but few Westerners have even heard about!
  • Read the most famous and interesting Japanese tales in real Japanese! Yes, as long as you have learned hiragana, you can read real Japanese today with these fully annotated stories. (Don’t know hiragana yet?! No problem. See our special BONUS at the bottom of this page!)
  • Every single line and every word are explained and defined.
  • Designed specifically for beginners to intermediates.
  • Build your Japanese vocabulary, understand new grammatical patterns, improve your reading skills, and hone in your listening abilities
  • Traditional stories with a running gloss, each with two MP3s recorded by a native Japanese voice actress. Print out the PDFs and drop the MP3s on your phone for on the go studying.
  • Over the years, thousands of people have enjoyed these stories sold individually for $4.49 or more each. Now, for the first time, you can get them all together for a single low price of $16!

Perfect for the beginner to intermediate student of Japanese.

Reminder: This is the digital versions of the books. There will be NO shipping charges since nothing will be shipped :)

Please note: you will receive a Dropbox link which can be accessed from any device (phone, tablet, or computer) instantly. If you are on a computer, you can download it all by clicking on the Download button at the top right.

If you have ANY trouble with the download, just reply to the email you receive or message us through Contact Us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Very happy with it

I enjoy using the stories. I am a beginner and it seems I tend to remember stuff from the stories faster than from a textbook.
Thank you

Picture please

I really like the concept of the book for learning japanese language. Unfortunately, it does not contain any picture in it. Only word. Well, I prefer to read a story with some picture in it. Because it is not novel. Most likely a japanese bedtime story. However, i pretty much like it though and I can increase my japanese language skill. You got it great for the main aim of the book.

But, This is only my feeling... To go through the story it's a little bit boring. Maybe add picture like other bedtime story book may be much more better. Please consider... Thank you very much.

Great deal

These books are ideal for learning. I was a bit apprehensive but they are great. Really helped my reading and understanding Japanese.


Top quality audio and text make all these a pleasure to use. Nice, clear voice and good explanations of the interesting stories and articles.
An excellent way to improve your comprehension and speech.

Great language tools package.

Living in the MidWest of the US, after one year of Japanese studies at community college, I have had little help moving forward with the language. So I was thrilled to discover what The Japanese Shop is doing, using sweet traditional stories to introduce vocabulary, grammar and kanji all in the context of a story. The MP3 files are icing on the cake, since they give the correct pronunciation and fluent tempo of the story. So far, I have only used the slow version of the mp3 files, which are careful to pause after each sentence. That feature really helped me find my place in the first few times. Finally, it is great to move onto to the proper Japanese text( without furigana or glossary) and find myself remembering the sophisticated kanji.
I did notice that, with the built-in speaker of an old personal computer, I had trouble hearing the story clearly without text in front of me....but, using the higher quality speaker on my newer IPad, the audio file was easy to understand.