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CLOSEOUT: Please note, this is from our old stock and although never sold, used, or read, it has been moved and shelved for over a year. It may have slight shelf wear. It should be considered to be in "like-new" condition.
Natsume Soseki is one of Japan's most famous authors from the Meiji period. His two most famous works are I am a Cat and this one, Botchan.
Botchan is the younger son of a middle-class Tokyo family. His older brother is the obvious favorite of both parents and Botchan grows up demanding attention for himself, and succeeding in attracting it by a series of misdeeds. Following the early death of his mother, it is the servant, Kiyo, who provides him with the only love and understanding he knows. When his father dies, Botchan's brother gives him a small portion of the legacy and disclaims any further family responsibility.

So Botchan's story begins...


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