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Bimyo~na Nihongo Kanji de Imi ga Kawaru

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Now, how should it be--grey or gray? And did the Hollywood star effect or affect public opinion?

Like English, Japanese also has its share of easily confused words and grammatical patterns. Bimyo~na Nihongo explores this fun (and perhaps irritating) world.

Folks, this is the book you need to learn how to correct your native Japanese friend's grammar. すごいおもしろい! No, no, no! This book is すごくおもしろい!

Each two-page spread covers two or more easily confused words. Manga, ample example sentences, and colorful illustrations will make this easily-digestible book something you come back to time and time again.

While many of the entries are perfect for upper beginners, upper intermediates and advanced students will get the most out of this book. This book is written for native Japanese readers and there is no furigana, but look to the scans for examples of the level of Japanese.

Please see the images for a scan of the contents.

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