Today, we have two Black Friday deals that will be good through next Monday (Cyber Monday), but watch for our emails on Monday , Wednesday , Friday , and next Sunday for flash 24 hour mid-week deals too!





Today's Week-Long Deals are:


  1. Become a Lifetime Makoto+ member and get a $50 gift card good for anything at
  2. Already a Lifetime member? We don't want you to feel left out. Get the first 50 Makoto issues for only $1 each. That's $49 for 50 complete issues . If you are not a Makoto+ member you can get the first 50 issues for $99 ($2 each).


If neither offer excites you, don't worry! We have much more coming with our flash 24-hour deals throughout the week.



#1 Become a Lifetime Member and get $50 Gift Card

First, if you are NOT a lifetime member yet, now is the perfect time to become one. We'll email you ASAP with a special $50 Gift Card good for ANYTHING at






Learn More about Lifetime Makoto+!

And then we'll email you a $50 gift card!



Main Benefits

  • Pay once and enjoy lifetime access to everything Makoto+ has to offer
  • Includes a lifetime subscription to all future Makoto magazine issues [digital]. Download each new issue for no extra charge each month - for life
  • Enjoy all  Shogun member benefits  such as weekly sentence breakdowns, Which Sentence is Correct?, podcast extras, and more. New content posted several times a week ($120 value per year) + unlimited access to everything already on
  • (Mostly) Monthly freebies to download and keep ($59.88 value per year)
  • 20% reusable discount for anything at ($??? value forever!)
  • Unlimited access to all past and future courses ($29 value per course--we will have a new one on Japanese geography soon!)
  • 14 day no-questions asked refund policy. Please note, after 14 days, we cannot issue a refund for this lifetime offer.
  • And... for Black Friday, we'll give you a $50 gift card (that does not expire) good for ANYTHING at


Become a Lifetime Member

And then we'll email you a $50 gift card ASAP



#2 Get the First 50 Makoto Issues at a Huge Discount

The cover price (the price people pay at Amazon, for example) for Makoto is $4 an issue. That is a $200 value for 50 issues. Here's a chance to get the first 50 issues for only $99 (or if you are a Makoto+ member, only $49). That's only $2 each (or $1 each for members--check your members area for your special link)




If you want to get all our back issues, this is the absolute cheapest and easiest way to do it. You'll still need the few issues we've published since #50, but we won't offer this deal again for a very long time.


Click Here to Buy All 50 Issues for $99!

If you are a Makoto+ member, be sure to check your members area ( Samurai click here ; Shogun/Lifetime click here ) for your special link to get this 50-issue deal for only $49.


If you are already a Lifetime member and already have all our Makoto issues, all I can say is Yumi and I (Clay) deeply appreciate your support. You are our super star! While I don't have another deal to offer you today, if we can help you in any way with your Japanese journey, please let me know. We really appreciate you!




Thank you,


Clay & Yumi


P.S. Remember to look for our emails throughout the week for 24 hour flash sales.