Coming Soon: JLPT N4 Grammar with audio, 3 eBook formats, and Anki flashcards.



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It will still be about two weeks away since we have the next Makoto issue to release next week, but we are working hard on the next JLPT N4 book.


If you are an upper beginner, purchase the bundle now while it is still only $12 and get the new book for free as soon as it is released.




If you've bought this bundle, just hang tight. I'll let you know when the new book is available for you to download for no additional cost.


Like our JLPT N5 bundle, it will eventually have more books. If you buy the bundle now, you'll get all future updates for no extra charge.


What's the Bundle About?

While this bundle is specifically designed to help those taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N4 (upper beginner), many of our customers have used it as a general guide for beginners since the books are broken down in specific categories (listening, kanji, reading, vocabulary, etc.).


Whether you will take the test or not, if you are a beginner, please check out the bundle.



What is the JLPT?

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a yearly (held twice a year in some countries) test for students of Japanese. It is a popular way to understand your Japanese abilities. It is also a great way to set a solid goal which is important for maintaining motivation.


Need the beginner level? Click here for our N5 bundle.



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