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makoto sweepstake

Grand Prize: Free Annual Subscription to Makoto e-Zine [1 winner $36; Value]

Redeemable for points: (anyone can earn points to get these for free)

  • Makoto e-Zine #12 (FREE just for entering!) [$4 Value]
  • 101 Japanese Idioms with sound files (newly revised; 50 points) [$4.49 Value]
  • Makoto Issues 13-18 Bundle (150 points) [$15 Value]
  • Japanese Vocabulary Booster Bundle (200 points) [$9.99 Value]

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Ends Wednesday, December 18th.


What is Makoto e-Zine?

Makoto is a monthly e-zine for beginner to intermediate learners of Japanese. It is a digital magazine with all the good stuff not usually found in textbooks. It has articles on Japanese grammar, kanji, culture, and art. Each issue includes a story for beginners and a complete essay for intermediates with a running gloss, grammar explanations, and two MP3s of the story (normal speed and slower).

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