Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop
Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop
Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop
Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop
Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop
Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop
Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop
Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE - The Japan Shop

Japanese History Reader Volume 1-3 BUNDLE

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Would you like to read real Japanese while learning about Japanese history? 

This series--currently three volumes--presents stories on Japanese history. Like our Japanese fairy tale reader series, these eBooks break down every sentence with both vocabulary definitions and grammatical explanations. It also include MP3s of each story read both slowly and at normal speed.


Best of all, as we add more to this series, you will be able to get free updates. Buy now while the price is low!


  • Includes Volume 1, 2, and 3
  • Nine Stories included: (more will be added for no extra charge)
    * The Three Warlords who Unified Japan
    * Sakamoto Ryoma, the Reformer
    * Miyamoto Musashi, Japan's Greatest Swordsman
    * All about Ninja
    * The Tragic Story of the 47 Ronin
    * Takeda Shingen, the Man who almost had it All
    * The Loyal Dog, Hachiko
    * Instant Ramen
    * Kurosawa of the World
  • Includes two MP3s per story. One read normal speed and one slowly
  • All Japanese have furigana those starting out with kanji.
  • Every sentence is broken down word-for-word and with explanation of the grammar.
  • The full story in Japanese only (without the running gloss) is also provided so you can practice reading without interruption.
  • Kanji in Focus covers the key kanji found in each essay
  • Finally, we have included a simple and mostly literal English translation for you to check your understanding (Don't cheat! Work through the Japanese first!).


While beginners to Japanese can get a lot from this, hiragana knowledge is required. 


Learn about Japanese history and culture as you improve your vocabulary, reading, and listening comprehension.


Buy this bundle now and get ALL future volumes in this series FREE

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Customer Reviews

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I'm very pleased with this purchase. The PDFs are clean and the audio quality is top notch. Plus, I love the subjects covered in this set in a short, highly digestible format.

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear the format and subject matter work for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.
Japanese history reader vol. 1-3 bundle

Better than I expected. +++++++

A fascinating and accessible purchase

These stories handle two birds with one stone: instructive and accessible language learning as well as a brief, entry-level look into aspects of Japanese history. When used in conjunction with other products on offer these stories provide a broader scope of grammar and vocabulary. I am very pleased that I found this store.

★ Reviews

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152 reviews
Great for self study and exercising

I bought this collection approximately 2 months after I started learning Japanese. My knowledge was very low, I barely had learned Hiragana by then and my primary goal was to train my brain's "optical character recognition algorithm". After I borrowed the first volume via Kindle Unlimited, I spontanously decided to buy the complete bundle and I did not regret this purchase.

Most e-books have 2 or 3 stories (volume 7 only has one, but also this is not a typical Japanese folk tale, The Little Match Girl is actually by H. C. Andersen). You'll find each story

a) in Japanese with running gloss, that means every sentence is explained in detail with all vocabulary,
b) in natural Japanese with Kanji and furigana,
c) as e rough English translation.

Most e-books also have an additional Kanji section and a separate list of all used vocabulary too.

The stories are of different levels of difficulty. Most are well suited for intermediate learners (i.e. level A2 in the CEFR or 1/1+ in ACTFL. For beginners, IMO the second volume is the best because it has also the Japanese text in Hiragana with spaces and an additional grammar section.

I think, 16 $ are totally fair for this bundle, especially considering that you'll get lifelong updates. When I bought the bundle there were only 8 books, the 9th has been added later for free.


I Love It!

I find the stories great and easy to follow. When at home I prefer a book so I have purchased The first four books. I listen to the audio at work. I will but the other books at a later time. I highly recommend these in either digital download or paperback!

Great resource

I purchased this out of interest as I am wanting to get back to studying Japanese. I have only had a quick look through one of the stories, but I'm really enjoying it so far and my vocab has increased already. Waiting for the kids to go for their nap so I can sit down with a hot coffee and read and learn :) Thank you :)

Great Value

I bought this as an extra resource for my students. Having a solid story already laid out for them will help them study.

Really satisfied with my purchase

I have just started with the contents of this serie, but I think it is really helpful for beginners like me.