How to Add a MOBI file to your iPad from Dropbox

iPads are wonderful toys (er, I mean tools), but adding MOBI files from a Dropbox link directly on an iPad isn't as straightforward as it should be.

First, we would recommend using the PDF version of the books on your iPad since it just looks better on the larger screen.

But if you would still like to use the Kindle app on your iPad, you can either send the files from your computer or install them directly on the iPad from Dropbox.



if you have a computer or laptop, you can either install MOBI files using iTunes (Click here to learn how) or send it to your iPad via Amazon's Kindle email (Find yours by going to Manage Your Content and Devices and then find your iPad there)



1) Find the MOBI file you want by browsing the Dropbox folder on your iPad. Tap "Download" to download it to the Files app.

2) Open the Files app and you should see the MOBI file in your Recents tab. Tap it and then tap the upload icon to the top right.

 3) Next, if you don't see the Amazon Kindle icon in the top row, click the three dots.

4) Choose Kindle

5) Type in any name for the Author.

6) The MOBI file should now be in your Kindle app library (it may take a few seconds)

Open your Kindle app and begin reading.

Contact us if you have any problems.