September Patreon Supporters t-shirt (or mug) Choices




If you are at Shogun level ($35) or above, you get to choose a t-shirt or mug every other month.

Here are this month's choices:

1) Wa~sabi! If you like to spice up your sushi, this shirt is a good choice.

2) Retro style Nihongo x 3

3) Sharaku's famous Ukiyo-e of an actor.

4) Wa! Peace and Japan.

5) The kanji for cat with a neko sleeping on it.


Tshirts can be shipped worldwide, but due to the weight of the mugs, I can only ship those within the US. Sorry!

Please let me know:

1) Which design you'd like (if you none of these strike your fancy, let me know and I'll work something out.)

2) Whether you prefer a shirt or a mug with the design.

3) If you want a shirt, please tell me the size and color (most colors are available, but I'll let you know if I have no idea what "a shade paler than grandma's corvette" is. :) )


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  • Darren Jacksch on

    The kanji for cat with a neko sleeping on it.

  • Darren Jacksch on
    猫 the grey that is displayed in size Large. that would be awesome

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