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A year and a half ago, I made a major decision. Due to family matters (and we are truly a small, family-run business!), I pulled back from and stopped stocking books, concentrating instead on software, ebooks, and selling physical goods on other platforms.

The problem was importing Japanese books tends to be expensive and the profit isn't as much as you might think. I think it was a necessary thing to do, but boy did I miss TJS! 

I received an email a month or two ago from a past customer telling me how much he had loved and all the resources it provided. That email touched me and reminded me how rewarding the whole experience was. Through the years (we started TJS in 2002!) I greatly enjoyed meeting and interacting with so many learners all over the world.

So, I am pleased to announce 2.0!

It is a work in progress, but we have a large number of books added and we are adding more every day. It is slow, because I want quality. I want to make sure each book is accurately described and has many quality scans to give you the most information possible.


This brings me to the topic of this post:

I still have stock--a lot of stock!--from before. Since those books have been stored, moved, and stored some more, most have minor wear. These are new and never used books, but may have minor cosmetic issues from storage. Most of these are 30-50% off our original prices. 

Over to the left, click on "CLOSEOUTS & CLEARANCE" to see the massive discounts. If you don't mind a few dings or creases (nothing major), these are brand new books at below cost waiting to find a good home.

If you have any questions about a particular book (whether the content or the condition), send me an email and I'll send you pictures and information.

Thank you so much for your patronage over the years!

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