Tobira Power up your Kanji

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Power Up Your KANJI is a textbook designed to help students increase their kanji fluency. Recommended for Upper Beginners and Intermediates. With it, students study a total of 800 kanji - the 297 kanji generally introduced in beginning-level textbooks and an additional 503 kanji introduced in the Tobira main textbook - focusing on those characters that appear at Level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The aim of this book is not simply to have students memorize each kanji; it is also to help them learn how to study kanji effectively and to provide them with the kanji knowledge required to continue their studies at the advanced level.

  • Brand name: Kurosio
  • 9784874244876
  • 800 Basic Kanji
  • 316 Pages + 20 Page Answer Key
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Tobira Power up your Kanji

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Tobira Power up your Kanji
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